Annual IRS Filing Information for Teams

Still struggling with the 990N filing? Here is the place to go.

You will find the filing requirements and the link to get you started. In particular, see the list of things you will need BEFORE you start. Each Team must have their own EIN number, you cannot use REACT International’s.

This page contains a link for getting an EIN number online:

The 990N is required of all small non-profits whose gross income was less than $25,000. Many teams fall in this category. Only a few have to file the longer 990EZ or full 990 form.

Teams need to file beginning with the 2007 tax year and you have 3 years to file. Your 2009 tax year filing is due by May 15, 2010. Teams that have not filed with the IRS in the preceding 3 years will automatically lose their IRS Exemption and may be subject to tax penalties.