109A Messages – The Radiogram

This is a new course in our series of short courses for REACT members to train to perform communications duties in emergencies. A key part of communications in major emergencies and disasters is the use of formal messages to fully document response actions. In order for our communications to be able to transfer messages to other communications circuits, we have to be fluent in the use of the two standard messages formats, the Amateur Radio radiogram and the
ICS 213 Message Form. This course teaches the content and use of the radiogram. The second course in this series will cover the ICS Form 213.

Our Messages – The Radiogram covers:

  • What Is A Formal Message?
  • Formal Message Requirements For Emergency Operations
  • The Standard Types
  • Telegraphic Writing
  • Other Standards
  • The Radiogram Format
  • Helping The Author Write The Message
  • Transmitting And Receiving Messages
  • Message Delivery
  • Service Messages
  • Specific E-Mail Procedures

The course manual is 40 pages in length and should take no more than 3 hours to complete.  There is a detailed final examination – when you are ready, contact our training staff at Training@REACTIntl.org to obtain the web address and password for our online testing system.  Continuing education units are awarded for course completion.

Completing a course on messages does not make you an expert. You need to practice to develop speed and accuracy in handling these communications. REACT International conducts quarterly online exercises using both formats to develop your skills in realistic scenarios. The REACT Traffic Net on Zello passes administrative message traffic each week. And we have a monthly qualifying run in which you can test your message receiving skills at various sending and receiving speeds. Contact Training@REACTIntl.org for more information.