Life Members

REACT International would like to thank all its Life Members for their years of service and commitment to REACT.

LM ID Name Team
220Abadie, KarenState: IN
464Adams, RobState: FL
24Adams, RayState: TN
211Allen, TerryC622 - Dallas County REACT, Inc
431Andrejco, KristineState: NJ
432Andrejco, RogerState: NJ
218Arnold, EllenC622 - Dallas County REACT, Inc
393Baca, CherylState: CA
394Baca, DennisState: CA
575Baksh, Khazlur4928 - St. George County REACT
525Barrios, GeorgeState: NV
203Beal, Robert T.State: MD
202Beal, Robert H.State: MD
232Beckmeier, CharlesState: WA
569Behrend, David3387 - San Angelo REACT, Inc
341Berger, Eunice T.State: NC
268Berger, Francis H.State: NC
49Blosser, RoseState: FL
359Brenchley, LouisState: OR
612Brock, ThomasC622 - Dallas County REACT, Inc
517Bunch, JohnState: OR
23Burton, JennyState: WA
407Burton, TroyState: NJ
135Burton, CharlesState: WA
193Carpenter, DavidState: CA
352Carroll, RobertState: TN
243Cassidy, David2235 - Delaware County REACT
546Cauley, MichaelState: FL
221Chalfant, CherieState: WA
43Chuven, MichaelState: FL
87Chuven, JamieState: GA
17Chuven-Maryn, BarbaraState: FL
577Clark, RobState: NV
584Collings, RonState: CA
223Collins, LindaState: AZ
222Collins, JohnState: AZ
615Conlee, Florence6245 - Greensboro REACT
329Cooper, DickState: IA
328Cooper, MaryState: IA
380Cooper, Gary WState: MD
337Cornelius, MartinState: NC
336Cornelius, AliceState: WI
596Cramer, BonnieState: IL
215Croft, Charles M.State: FL
325Cuddy, JamesState: NY
608David, RickState: IL
492Davis, CliffordState: CA
27Denison, PhyllisState: IN
594Dixon, AlanState: FL
176Douthitt, Dennis3522 - Punxsutawney Radio Emerg. Ser., Inc.
31Dugan, LarryState: IL
521Ebin, SusanState: VA
498Ebin, DavidState: WV
587Edwards, Robert4623 - Middle GA REACT
29Elzey, AnnState: WA
570Erntson, Roberta MarcelleC143 - So. Mn. Albert Lea REACT, Inc.
541Faulkner, Linda M.State: ON
512Faulkner, RonState: ON
614Feagins II, Kenneth RayC622 - Dallas County REACT, Inc
562Flint, BarryState: CA
239Flores-Rosa, EdwinState: PR
620French, Sarah4089 - Waukesha Area REACT, Inc.
563Friend, AllenState: WA
508Fronefeld, AlfredState: TX
574Gardner, Philip4928 - St. George County REACT
304Gates, DonState: IL
603Geiszler, AllenState: WA
568Geiszler, CrystalState: WA
605Geiszler, LindaState: WA
406Gerber, PeterState: NJ
306Gibson, RalphState: NJ
597Glick, FloydState: IL
205Goldfarb, Mark D.State: MD
466Gordon, DavidState: VA
616Goswami, Ravindranath2496 - Trinidad & Tobago REACT Ltd
484Gottlieb, JackState: FL
555Greany, EdState: CA
556Greany, MichaelState: CA
526Grillo, MartinState: NY
561Gruis, Dr. TomState: IA
100Haas, SteveState: LA
288Hadley, Deborah3135 - Phillips County REACT
289Hadley, Kenneth3135 - Phillips County REACT
414Hall, Sr., RobertState: FL
136Hansen, AlfredState: OR
619Hansen, Donn4089 - Waukesha Area REACT, Inc.
18Harris, DavidState: FL
469Heath, Melvin A.State: ME
207Henry, Lt. MarkState: MD
527Hentschel, JeanState: MI
283Herrington, RayState: OR
500Hicks, DennisState: CA
181Hitch, RobertC622 - Dallas County REACT, Inc
598Hobbs, TomState: CA
459Hoepfner, CraigState: IA
535Holmes, GeorgeState: NC
536Holmes, SueState: NC
576Holshoe, StanleyState: FL
434Hong, GeneState: NV
516Hopkins, CatherineState: CA
513Hopkins, RollandState: CA
613Hopper, JamesC622 - Dallas County REACT, Inc
120Howe, Richard EState: AK
47Howerton, CarolState: MO
507Hull, ConnieState: MO
579Illian, KirkState: CA
534Jenkins, Thomas4956 - Valley Wide REACT
347Jenkins, FrankState: AZ
522Jensen, JamesState: ND
22Jones, CarolynState: TX
601Jones, GeraldC622 - Dallas County REACT, Inc
269Kaplan, NormanC490 - National Capital REACT, Inc.
228Kaufman, JulianState: OR
244Kendrew, Harold L.State: LA
533Kirschling, Mark4089 - Waukesha Area REACT, Inc.
545Knott, JohnState: FL
552Kofron, William4935 - REACT of Cleveland County
566Kogen, AmyState: IL
565Kogen, JoelState: IL
435Koritzky, JimState: ME
271Krawiec, JimState: NY
621Kujawski, Barbara4089 - Waukesha Area REACT, Inc.
485LaTouche, David MState: IN
258Leach, HalState: VA
600LeVesconte, JamesState: AB
130Lindblad, DorisState: TX
192Lovely, EdwardState: CA
153Luebben, Larry V.State: FL
385Lutes, Dale O.State: AZ
457Lydecker, KathyState: PA
458Lydecker Sr., ThomasState: PA
80MacDonald, George4365 - Tri City REACT, Inc.
518Mackey, John E.State: OR
114Marks, Allan F.State: CA
179Martino, Margaret MState: NY
504Matheson, RobertState: CA
237Mattera, Vincent J.State: MA
162Mayes, Ronald O.State: KS
52McCracken, RonaldState: ON
278McLemore, GeneState: AZ
91McLendon, RogerState: FL
468McQueen, MichaelState: OR
531Mercer, JonState: WA
602Millner, DavidState: NM
592Milne, Sr., ThomasState: ON
606Mitsuoka, TadashiState: HI
88Moccia, SandraState: FL
330Moon, Elsie M.State: WI
523Moore, JohnState: NH
361Morley, Deborah J.State: MA
171Morrow, RhodenaState: FL
132Moseley, Reba R.State: TX
479Moses, JohnState: NV
350Murrell, BarbaraState: ON
553Nadeau, JosephState: CT
515Neil, KayState: NE
257Nulty, Lois SmithState: TX
607O' Neill, DaughnState: FL
433Oby, PaulState: MN
261Orsbern, RobertState: KS
618Parbhoo, DhirenC622 - Dallas County REACT, Inc
586Paris, Darryl2515 - Federal City REACT, Inc.
189Parker, BernardC622 - Dallas County REACT, Inc
240Parrish, Kevin6204 - Golden Gate REACT
219Pate, LeeC622 - Dallas County REACT, Inc
230Payne, GaryC622 - Dallas County REACT, Inc
590Perry, EvelynState: OR
510Peters, Gregory Alan6247 - REACT Warning Team
200Phillips, CarolState: NY
173Phillips, EarlState: TN
186Piechura, DonState: CA
471Pierce, PatriciaState: CA
548Power, EricState: MD
547Power, KarenState: MD
583Power, KatalinState: MD
578Rahe, Kevin6198 - Seven Valleys REACT
39Rathbun, RonaldState: WA
141Rathbun, RobinState: WA
21Rathbun, DonnaState: WA
270Renner, J. MichaelState: NV
558Reynolds, AlanState: FL
532Reynolds, JudyState: FL
152Riechel, RobertState: CA
291Riggle, DorothyState: VA
210Riley, JohnC622 - Dallas County REACT, Inc
38Riley, QuincyState: AZ
542Roberts, AliceState: HI
314Roberts, CrichtonState: HI
585Robinson, GeneState: CA
419Romig, DavidState: MN
363Rosenthal, DavidState: NJ
131Rumsey, DouglasState: NH
217Salter, William T.State: CA
440Saville, Michael A.State: KS
421Shoaf, Gerald HState: PA
334Simmons, AudreyState: NY
346Simpson, JudithState: TX
604Skaggs, JosephState: MT
372Smith, WallyState: TX
378Smith, TerryState: MD
391Smith, Edward W. N.State: PA
227Smith, Karl NState: NJ
505Sorensen, PatrickState: NE
481Spain, NancyState: WI
273Stanley, William6245 - Greensboro REACT
593Staub, MonikaState: CA
40Stegall, Nicholas A.State: NC
194Stewart, WalterState: AZ
82Straus, Aaron6204 - Golden Gate REACT
172Teabo, LorettaState: FL
190Thompson, JudithC622 - Dallas County REACT, Inc
108Thompson, VadaState: TX
107Thompson, LuckyState: TX
396Trautner, AndrewState: WI
254Treglia, PhilipState: NY
356Veen, Paul F.State: GA
588Wattenbarger, IrwinState: OR
195Way, CarlState: OH
494Weiss, Walter6204 - Golden Gate REACT
582Wellman, JerryState: UT
411Westlake, William E.State: WA
212Westray, R. H. SkipState: CA
64Williams, CharlesState: TN
573Wilson, Lester4928 - St. George County REACT
300Winbery, EugeneState: TX
11Wold, Myron LeeState: MN
379Yeager, PaulState: PA
437Yunker, Robert T.State: FL
617Zacker, Lisa2235 - Delaware County REACT
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