General Information

At the Annual Meeting of the REACT International Board of Directors, members who have proven their knowledge and skills in specific areas of REACT work are nominated by their peers and approved by the REACT International Board of Directors to become committee chairpersons .

The Committees are responsible for establishing and maintaining the orderly flow of REACT business within their specialties. For more information, contact the Committee Chair directly at the e-mail address that appears on the respective Committee page.

While committee chairpersons cannot establish REACT policy, they certainly can influence policy through responsible actions.

Committee FAQ’s

Many of the items mentioned below are already in practice and may be common sense but they need to be written so that everyone can review them on a regular basis.

  1. All Committee and Liaison efforts shall focus on REACT‘s Mission Statement: “The Mission of REACT International is to provide public safety communications to individuals, organizations, and government agencies to save lives, prevent injuries, and give assistance wherever and whenever needed. We will strive to establish a monitoring network of trained volunteer citizen-based communicators using any and all means to deliver the message”.
  2. Coordinate projects and efforts with various committees and liaisons, when appropriate, to avoid duplication of effort and to maximize results.
  3. Inform the Executive Vice President of progress on various committee and liaison projects and opportunities, especially when representing REACT International.
  4. Write frequent informational articles for the REACTer to keep the membership informed of committee and liaison actions and their impact upon the membership.
  5. Committees and liaisons will be responsible for all details necessary for project proposal and submittal for action as required. Respective committees and liaisons may be responsible for implementation of projects after project approval, if required. Committees and liaisons may also be responsible to promote their projects to various group(s) for implementation when necessary.
  6. Committee and liaison email communications should be carefully directed, specifically regarding the REACT-List and other public venues. Many times it is not necessary, and may create premature and unwanted discussion regarding certain topics if discussion among committee members is sent via a list. These lists are good venues to distribute information about completed projects. This suggested procedure isn’t secrecy, it is the efficient use of email communications in the operation of your particular group.
  7. Committees and liaisons are asked to monitor the REACT-List and similar discussion groups for ideas concerning particular projects and the thoughts of various REACT members.
  8. All committee chairpersons and liaisons shall submit reports to the Board of Directors, 30 days prior to their Annual Meeting (normally February) each year. Reports shall include various activities since the last report and request for Board of Directors action, if any. Proper support for such action must be submitted also.
  9. Be Active all year, not just at Annual Meeting.

Business Management Committee

Committee Contact EMail:
Committee Chairman: John Capodanno (CA)
Committee Members: John Mahon (MA), Thomas Jenkins (ID)

The President shall serve as chairman of this standing committee to assist the corporate officers in the operation of the corporation in the day-to-day operational tasks assigned by the President in areas such as clerical tasks, call management, update membership information, maintain filing system, and other such duties as assigned by the President of the corporation.

Bylaws, Policy & Procedure

Committee Contact EMail:
Committee Chairman: Vacant
Committee Members: N/A

The Bylaws / Policy & Procedure is responsible for the following duties:

  • Examine and Interpret REACT International, Inc. Bylaws, as well as established Policies and Procedures
  • Recommend Bylaws as well as Policy and Procedure changes to the Board of Directors
  • Draft any Bylaws or Policy and Procedure changes recommended by the Board of Directors
  • Where requested, advise how REACT International, Inc. Bylaws relate to Team and Council Bylaws
  • Monitor REACT International, Inc. Meetings for adherance to legally established rules and regulations of the Corporation


Committee Contact EMail:
Committee Chairman: Russ Dunn (ID)
Committee Members: Thomas Jenkins (ID), John Capodanno (CA), Jerry Jones (TX)

The Finance Committee shall consist of the Treasurer and two Directors, with the Treasurer serving as Chairperson. It shall be the duty of the Finance Committee to provide rules and procedures for the authorization of expenditures and the approval of vouchers for the payment of money, and prior to the annual meeting of the Board of Directors, to review and recommend a budget for the ensuing fiscal year. All expenditures, payments of money, and financial obligations of the corporation, are subject to the jurisdiction of the Finance Committee.


Committee Contact EMail:
Committee Chairman: Jerry Jones (TX)
Committee Members: John Capodanno (CA), John Mahon (MA), Joe Zych (TN), Tom Jenkins (ID), Ravindranath Goswami (TT)

The Membership Committee shall consist of four (4) elected Directors on the Board, plus any additional qualified persons chosen by the Board of Directors to serve on the committee when the Board deems appropriate. This committee shall review REACT International Membership-related matters as needed or when denial or revocation of Membership is considered. This committee shall have full investigative authority, in accordance with policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors, and involving REACT Teams or Councils. This committee shall report to the Board of Directors their investigative findings and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for action.

Office Review

Committee Contact EMail:
Committee Chairman: Ravindranath Goswami (TT)
Committee Members: N/A

Infrastructure and Technology

Committee Contact EMail:
Committee Chairman: John Capodanno (CA)
Committee Members: William Richards (CA)

The Infrastructure and Technology is responsible for the following duties:

  • Develop and Maintain Public REACT International Web Site
  • Develop and Maintain Public REACT International Members Web Site
  • Develop and Maintain REACT International member Blog
  • Develop and Maintain REACT International Member Web Store
  • Develop and Maintain REACT International E-Newsletter
  • Develop and Maintain internet, Email and E-Publication access at REACT International Corporate Office.
  • Develop and Maintain Email forwarding system not including REACT International Office
  • Develop and Maintain Email, Hardware and Software at REACT International Office
  • Develop and Maintain standards for Hardware and Software for REACT International
  • Develop Maintain and management of all Databases.
  • Develop and Maintain REACT International Recommend Policy and Procedures regarding Infrastructure & Technology to the Board of Directors
  • Assist Team use of Computers and Technology with Team Management Tasks
  • Develop & assist to establish Team, Council & Member Email contacts


Committee Contact EMail:
Committee Chairman: Walter Green (VA)
Committee Members: N/A

The Operations Committee consists of members of individual Teams who serve in major emergencies and disasters as an Incident Management Team to coordinate REACT response. Operationally, REACT Warning Team 6247 and the Training Committee supply the REACT Traffic System to the Operations Committee for alerting, warning, and reporting. The Incident Management Team provides the organizational structure, trained staff, and procedures for coordination, resource allocation, and tracking to support response by Teams and by the supported organizations with which REACT has memorandums of understanding/agreement.

Training & Development

Committee Contact EMail:
Committee Chairman: Walter Green (VA)
Committee Members: Stan Walters (PA), John Mahon (MA)

The Training & Development is responsible for the following duties:

  • Develop NIMS/ICS Training Standard
  • Review all printed training and development materials at Rl and bring it up to date.
  • Create new materials that are needed.
  • Maintain records of training and development test completions.
  • Promote training and development materials to members. Coordinate committee efforts with other committees and liaisons that may be effected.